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Echo Valley was never planned to be a hotel - it naturally grew to become this small Canadian paradise it is today. The connection to nature is at the heart of the Echo Valley Experience, from the sounds of Copper Drop Spring to the deep orange of the Marble Range at sunset, from a breathtaking abundance of stars at night to the awe-inspiring views from the top of Mount Bowman.

Our guests feel a sense of well-being, a feeling that they cannot experience anywhere else - because an escape to BC's Echo Valley is truly a vacation steeped in adventure and wellness. Here all your senses come alive to realize that everything is just the way it should be, just as nature intended it. It comes natural in Echo Valley. The animals, birds, the people, our home all contribute to what makes our valley a unique and ideal place to connect with nature and oneself and feel what wellness is really all about.

The ancient connection between nature and mankind helps us achieve harmony of body and soul, so we created an oasis nestled in the untouched Canadian wilderness. Buildings fitting perfectly into their surroundings, animals grazing contently, water from a mountain spring so clear it sparkles and pure Canadian air to cherish with every breath... We value BC's precious resources and use them responsibly. And we love to share this gift - a natural sanctuary - with others who believe in the same qualities as we do.

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"Norm and Nan are an absolute inspiration. Their ranch is something to behold, a little green slice of heaven in between the mountains, forests and valleys."
Your Getaway Awaits.
Echo Valley Ranch & Spa
10635 Jesmond Road
Box 916
Clinton, BC V0K 1K0
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