Unlimited Experiences

The second you arrive and take a deep breath of crisp mountain air you will feel it - time is different at the ranch, it follows a natural rhythm here. Step away from the stress of city life and experience pure, natural relaxation without any limits.

Our guests talk about an immediate connection to Echo Valley, we just call it being home. Unwind, relax, spend quality time with your partner. Feel your old self again. Gain new perspectives.

Here multi-tasking is not considered an achievement, instead the task is enjoying each second of the one thing you are experiencing at the moment. A world class massage, a picture perfect trail ride, a hike into the mountains, a dip in our pool or play-time with one of our border collies.

Relax. Breathe. Repeat...

It’s real, it’s not. It’s real, it’s not.
You may have to pinch yourself to believe it.

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is a unique retreat, your cabin in the woods. What started out as a home has evolved into an awarded hotel, authentic and real in every sense of the word. A gem set against the mountains on 160 pristine acres with farm fresh meals, breathtaking views and friendly staff.

Settle into your own pace and start experiencing adventure and relaxation without limits.

The perfect place for perfect moments.

You work hard and your time is precious and limited - even more reasons to unwind in a place that is unexpected and completely real. Make each moment count and start exploring - walk the ranch, browse our activities menu and spas or select the perfect accommodation.

Contact us for more information or check availability on our booking engine at your own leisure.

unlimited experience

"We got married at Echo Valley and they couldn't have been more accommodating and welcoming! We had a wonderful wedding!"
Green Tourism Canada
Your Getaway Awaits.
Echo Valley Ranch & Spa
10635 Jesmond Road
Box 916
Clinton, BC V0K 1K0
Local: 250.459.2386

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