Our commitment to sustainability

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa has embraced the values of a Triple Bottom Line philosophy since its inception in 1995. We care for our beautiful environment just as much as for our Echo Valley family and guests and have enjoyed success as an eco-aware destination long before 'living green' became a mainstream movement and we approach our responsibility to keep Echo Valley natural very passionately.

How We Walk the Walk

Our Echo Valley family is committed to:
  • Being active and environmentally-conscious stewards of our land
  • Making environmental and socially-aware choices in our day-to-day operations
  • Always striving to improve the ways we can contribute to a carbon neutral operation
  • Practicing zero-waste in our food acquisition and production

Energy & Water Conservation

Our back-of-house operations minimize our carbon footprint through:
  • Water efficient plumbing installations such as toilets, shower heads and faucets
  • Energy efficient lighting in guest rooms, common areas and storage areas
  • Two self-sustaining geothermal systems that heat the Baan Thai, swimming pool and Lookout Lodge
  • Supplemental energy that is generated hydraulically or with propane, both of which deliver zero to low C02 emissions
  • Water sourced from naturally fed springs on site

Waste Management

We recycle, reuse and repurpose to minimize our carbon footprint through:
  • A bio-degradable sanitation system that recycles waste fluids as organic fertilizers into the surrounding landscape
  • A ranch-wide recycling/re-use program, including guest programs that encourage linen and towel reuse
  • A no-go plastic bottle zone - guests are provided with reusable metal water bottles, and water stations are located throughout the property
  • Ranch raised beef, pork, turkeys and chickens for organic meats and dairy products
  • A ranch kitchen garden that uses organic fertilizers and companion plantings which act as natural insect repellents

Environmental and Social Choices

We believe that our responsibility as stewards of the land extends to the community with whom we share this wilderness; we are convinced that all cultures can live and learn from each other in harmony. In true Canadian fashion we make every effort to work alongside various groups in our community, as well as the local Indigenous peoples whose territory lies at our door. Together we can make a difference!
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