The Best Spas in Canada: Echo Valley Spa
Posted: Jan 22, 2020
  • Thai Massage in the Royal Baan Thai

    Thai Massage in the Royal Baan Thai
    Thai Massage in the Royal Baan Thai
  • Baan Thai Spa

    Baan Thai Spa
    Baan Thai Spa
Visiting the spa is one of the most relaxing things you can do on vacation. Bliss out while a therapist works out your knots, takes your skincare to the next level, and more. Here at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, we have not just one but two world-class spas. When you’re looking to truly take care of yourself and look inward for a few hours, Echo Valley spas are a euphoric place to be. Let us give you an overview of what you’ll experience by visiting, and you’ll see why we are one of the best spas in Canada for yourself.

Why Echo Valley Spa is One of the Best Spas in Canada

Between our two spas our range of services spans not only several types of offerings but also two different cultures as well. Because of this, you’ll reap the benefits of both styles. Both of the spas are set in the beauty of the British Columbian wilderness. You won’t be more relaxed anywhere else, so see for yourself why we are one of the best spas in Canada.

Cariboo Spa

Although the Cariboo Spa provides treatments you might be more familiar with, you can still expect a wide variety of options that address any wellness or beauty concern that you may have—spanning facials, massages, body therapy, manicures, and hair care. Just a few examples include the Energizing & Firming Treatment Facial, a hydrating paraffin wax treatment, Swedish massage, and the body mineral salts scrub, to name a few.

Royal Baan Thai

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime spa experience during your time with us, book services at our Thai Spa, located in our stunning Baan Thai. Services at this spa sometimes address issues that you may not have even been aware of, such as the damage of pollution and air conditioning on skin. Thai spas are most well-known for Thai massage therapy, where therapists assist you in yoga-like stretches and pressure point massages to help loosen your joints. No matter what you book, you’ll appreciate the traditional Thai architecture, designed by the royal Thai family’s architect himself. Plus, Thai music, spices, and aromatherapy are incorporated into almost every experience, so you’ll truly be whisked away from space and time while you relax.

British Columbia Resorts and Spas

Experiencing our two spas is just one reason to visit Echo Valley Ranch & Spa in British Columbia. Visit our spa page to view the selection of services and their benefits as you plan your trip to Echo Valley. The best spas in Canada can’t compete with our variety, professionalism, and amenities. Don’t forget about our fitness center and pool that you can use before or after your services, to round out and complete a day of self-care. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 800-253-8831.

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