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21 Years of Magic

Fly Fishing A stay at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is simply magic and magically simple. Despite all modern luxuries, we feel ourselves drawn to nature and her implicit comforts. We choose organic over genetically engineered, and the natural warmth of a campfire over the artificial heat of a furnace. Here in Echo Valley, we believe that the ancient connection between nature and mankind helps us achieve harmony of body and soul, so we created a magical oasis, nestled in the untouched wilderness of the Cariboo. 2016 is our 21st season - and magic is always part of your stay with us.

Where will you find the magic in Echo Valley?

It could be watching the sun rise over Mount Bowman, or tasting the pure Echo Valley spring water - itís so clear, it naturally sparkles! Maybe itís playing frisbee with our border collies, or just leaning against a fence, feeling the stillness, and connecting with your inner self - we recommend that at least once a day! And catching a rainbow trout in one of our stocked ponds can certainly be exhilarating, just like exploring the trails on a mountain bike.

Mt Bowman Some say our unique fusion of Western charm and Eastern flair is what makes Echo Valley so magical, while others insist the real magic lies in the sound of a campfire and the taste of símores. Of course there are also afternoon naps on our sundeck and counting the stars of the Cariboo sky. We also think that making friends with our farm animals holds a certain allure, and planting your very own tree in Echo Valley is also part of the spell.

And letís not forget about Room 12 of the Lookout Lodge, which could well be the magical centre of Echo Valley. Our resident artist, Michael Blackstock, discovered an irregularity of paint patterns on the wall of room 12. In those patterns, he recognized twelve distinct aboriginal faces - thought to be spirits - which he re-created in artful masks. Those ancient, helpful spirits of long by-gone days are also known as water beings, and are probably attracted by the spring right below the Lookout Lodge, which is said to have strong medicinal powers. You can read the whole fascinating story, complete with pictures, in our Guests' Guide to Artwork.

Training Coral You might think Echo Valley is simply magic, when you watch a bald eagle soar, or enjoy the red glow of the Marble Mountains at sunset - or you might think itís magically simple, when you inhale the fresh mountain air, or listen to the sound of silence. Either way, youíre right! At Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, you can experience complete, natural luxury - and itís both: simply magic and magically simple.

Celebrate With Us

We'd love to celebrate our anniversary with you. Start planning your stay by browsing our rates, or book anytime at your convenience. Of course you can also contact us - we're looking forward to meeting you. See you in Echo Valley!

The Stars at Echo Valley

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