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Bear and Wildlife Viewing at Echo Valley

Deer The views from every room and cabin at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa are truly amazing, and very often they even include a glimpse of the divers BC wildlife. Imagine waking up in the morning and watching a bald eagle soar above or seeing a black bear and her cubs stroll across Echo Valley pastures!

There is no better place on earth for wildlife viewing than British Columbia, and thanks to our unique wilderness setting our guests have a front-row seat to enjoy the pristine Canadian nature and her inhabitants.

Bald eagles, red wing hawks, falcons, mule deer, moose, big horn sheep and even the elusive lynx frequent our little slice of heaven. And letís not forget about our resident black bears, which are very popular among our guests. Even though our ranch family is lucky enough to live in this breathtaking wilderness setting, a bear viewing is something very special for us every time - itís something we cherish and appreciate and never take for granted. Protecting our environment and its wildlife is part of our commitment to sustainability!


Of course seeing a bear is often one of the highlights for our guests and especially during our shoulder season, the bear viewing happens almost daily. While our team will ensure the safety of both our guests and the bears, you will be able to catch a glimpse of a black bear cub climbing a tree or having way too much fun roaming through our vegetable gardenÖ truly a magical experience that can only be found at our wilderness lodge in the heart of BC.

Wild Goats Part of what makes bear viewing so magical in Echo Valley is the fact that we have a high number of cinnamon bears here. Cinnamon bears belong to the black bear family, but range in colour from off white to goldy brown and they have a particular affinity for clover, dandelions and the fruit we grow right here on the ranch. They love the Echo Valley 100 Meter Diet just as much as we do!

If you explore the paths and trails around Echo Valley you are very likely to encounter some BC wildlife as well, so be sure to always carry binoculars with you - this will give you amazing close up views without getting too close. Going on a trail ride with our cowboys is certainly also a great way to experience BC wildlife around you; if you ask our head wrangler Mark he will probably tell you itís the best way!

Canada offers some truly amazing opportunities for viewing wildlife and seeing a bear in Echo Valley is just another part of our magic.


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