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Special Offers

Long Weekend & Family Getaways

Long Weekend & Family Getaways

Long weekends in British Columbia are a great opportunity to get away, relax and spend time with family. To make the most out of those precious weekends we have created perfect 3-day retreats - see our BC Long Weekend & Family Getaways.
Value Seasons

Shoulder Seasons

If you love seeing new life being born in spring, enjoy fall's wonderful colour and love crisp winter air then our shoulder seasons are the perfect time for your stay. Allow yourself the luxury of BC's Echo Valley in the calmer time of the year.
Extra Person Rates

Extra Person Rates

Come to our ranch and share a cabin with friends or family - then you can take advantage of our fantastic Extra Person Rates. The first two adults pay full price and each additional person gets a considerable discount off our regular rates!
Repeat Guest Discount

Repeat Guest Discount

Hearing how much our guests love our resort makes us happy - and we want you to come back! If you have been our guest and want to experience the magic again we offer a 10% Repeat Guest Discount. Let us know when you're inquiring.
Green Tourism
World Boutique Hotel Awards 2016 Winner
Located in the interior mountains of beautiful British Columbia, just a few hours northeast of Vancouver
10635 Jesmond Road, Jesmond, BC, Canada V0K 1K0, 1-800 253-8831
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