Redefined Luxury - the authentic experience

Nighttime View Echo Valley is real.
...And that makes the difference.

Our resort was not built with luxury rating in mind, but the natural luxury of Echo Valley earned us multiple awards, including The Americas' Best Boutique Hotel! What started out as a home has developed into a unique destination with a different type of luxury - the type that you can't always see, but certainly feel.

At Echo Valley we like to keep it natural and abstain from the artificial - you'll enjoy unforced smiles, organic cuisine, natural spa therapies, starry nights, the sound of silence, water so fresh it naturally sparkles and the comfort of feeling like you belong. This is our kind of luxury - real, natural, truly Canadian.

It's a truly Canadian approach, built on trust and family. We welcome you at our door step, not in a lobby with a front desk; we hold the door for you without taking tips; you won't have a key card for your room, but the feeling of comfort and being at home. There is no other place where you can ride along magnificent trails before enjoying a delicious, farm fresh meal followed by s'mores around a blazing campfire. Daytime View

Can you imagine a better kind of luxury than experiencing what is real?
...Come and visit Echo Valley for a truly authentic experience!

Our Canadian family loves celebrating Canadian holidays and we would love to celebrate with you. Find out more on our "Specials" page and join us for Victoria Day, Canada Day or Thanksgiving!

BC Guest Ranch Association Dude Ranchers Association

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is proud member of the BC Guest Ranch Association and the Dude Ranchers' Association – our organization believes in creating unique experiences together with you, our guests.

"We had such an amazing experience at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa. We went in late April for our honeymoon and it was a beautiful time. The staff treat you like an old friend right from the start, and with communal meals and a friendly environment, the place."
Your Getaway Awaits.
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