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At Echo Valley Ranch & Spa we understand that the vacation needs of our guests can be completely different. Some come for pure relaxation, some travel here to experience Canada with ranch life and horseback rides everyday. Some visit in the colder seasons to make best use from our world class spas, some are horse lovers and want to ride through BC's wonderful forests as much as they can. And some just want to lean on a fence or read a book to calm down and shake off the stress during their all-inclusive stay.

To do all our guests justice we created a unique rates system: Our Standard Rates cover everything commended to make every stay at Echo Valley just wonderful - you will enjoy three delicious, farm fresh meals every day, use all our ranch facilities and join all our unguided activity options. Going from there you can tailor your vacation however you like. We can custom-fit your Echo Valley experience to best suit your degree of pampering. From as little as $210 per person per night, all the way to that once-in-a-lifetime-all-inclusive-escape-that-truly-redefines-extravagance, we've got what you're looking for. Even if you didn't know you were looking for it.

We usually create Special Packages for the long weekends here in BC, Canada - so if you are on the hunt for a special treat for you and your loved ones please have a look at our Special Offer section.

Find the perfect fit for you...

Green Tourism
World Boutique Hotel Awards 2016 Winner
Located in the interior mountains of beautiful British Columbia, just a few hours northeast of Vancouver
10635 Jesmond Road, Jesmond, BC, Canada V0K 1K0, 1-800 253-8831
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