Our Valley

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is a naturally luxurious, all-inclusive resort in the midst of one of the most beautiful and distinct places on earth.

Sitting amidst four distinct geographic regions, Echo Valley is surrounded by an incredibly diverse range of natural beauty: The majestic semi-desert Fraser Canyon, boreal forests in most of the valley bottoms, treeless mountains in between and rolling grasslands spread around.

The result is an unparalleled eco-friendly resort, a place of balance and well-being coupled with an extraordinary range of soft adventures and scenery that is both awe-inspiring and breath-taking.

Our unique resort location holds a distinctive history - evidence of which is scattered throughout the region, and is all easily reached from Echo Valley Ranch & Spa. Remnants of shanty huts still sit proudly along the Fraser River; parts of the frail, wooden planks from the original Chinese flumes still endure and the fields of washed stones still lay on the rivers shores. We actively revisit the gold rush days, bringing our guests to the Fraser River to collect their own piece of history.

Explore our wonderful valley...

"The most succinct summary is one word - perfect."
Your Getaway Awaits.
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