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Media Testimonials

We are very happy about an ongoing interest of many writers, bloggers and editors. Publications such as Spa Magazine, Flare, Chatelaine, and Conde Naste Traveller have all featured the ranch over the years. We are delighted that what Echo Valley represents since the beginning is gaining more and more interest for readerships all over the world - a healthy lifestyle, digital detox, organic and local cuisine, authentic experiences and real life travel.

Be welcome to browse around in our "In the news" section and see what writers have to say about us.

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That Cowboy Feeling

by AuthorClaudia Hilmbauer
Title Reiselust
 Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is thrilled to be included in a round-up of adventure and luxury ranches around the world. Our European guests appreciate the wilderness and cowboy feeling of a Canadian Ranch Vacation, and Echo Valley is the ideal spot to experience both.

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Why you should choose an adventurous honeymoon

by AuthorAmy and Nathan
Title ThePlanetD
 Amy and Nathan of the Two Drifters have made it their mission to travel farther and love better, and we’re thrilled that they chose Echo Valley Ranch & Spa as their honeymoon destination. Read all about their adventures in their guest post on The Planet D

Grizzlies, glaciers, gourmet: British Columbia’s best luxury lodges

by AuthorChuck Thompson
Title CNN Elite Escapes
 Like a lot of British Columbia retreats, Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is surrounded by soaring mountains, pine forests and dramatic valleys -- i.e, the best of BC scenery and solitude. The twist at this see-it-to-believe-it retreat is the eclectic tastes of its Canadian-Thai owners, Norm and Nan Dove, who spared few costs in creating a nowhere-else-like-it luxury blend of First Nations, Canadian cowboy and Thai cultures.

Best Health Magazine

by AuthorBeth Thompson
Title ECHO of the Truth
 I’M SEVERAL THOUSAND MILES FROM HOME and deep into a detox. It’s tough. I feel anxious and out of it, and the worst part is that I can’t even use my phone to find out if Dr. Google thinks what I’m experiencing is normal. Did I mention it’s a digital detox? Like many of the unusual situations I find myself in, this one started with a conversation about cool ways to achieve wellness – specifically, substituting cell service and Siri with sunshine and spas. It sounded like a good idea at the time, which is how I ended up at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa in BC, sans tech toys...

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The Great Canadian Bucket List

by AuthorRobin Esrock
Title Echo Valley Ranch: On a Different Plane
 The Great Canadian Bucket List is always on the hunt for unique Canadian experiences. If they happen to be located in a lush valley, surrounded by mountains and infused with notable hospitality, all the better. Echo Valley Ranch and Spa is a family-owned retreat that caught my attention for its location and unusual Asian influence. It's a world apart...

FOUR Magazine

by AuthorFour USA
Title Fresh Picks l Real and Rustic
 Making the most of nature is what Echo Valley is all about. Surrounded by acres of pristine mountains, lush valleys, pine forests and desert canyons, Echo Valley is an oasis that offers the perfect balance between its activity-filled ranch and serene luxury spa.

Vitamin Daily

by AuthorKate LeGresley
Title R and R at Echo Valley Ranch and Spa
 The person who coined the expression “Nature: cheaper than therapy,” must have spent a week at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa in Jesmond, B.C., a five-and-a-half-hour drive north and slightly east of Vancouver. After our post-Christmas stay at this all-inclusive hotel and spa, we’ve come to the same conclusion—and think you should test the theory out for yourself, too.

Ottawa Citizen

by AuthorMichael McCarthy
Title Places to cross off your bucket list
 Pride of place still has to go to Norm and Nan Dove and their staff at Echo Valley Ranch and Spa right here in beautiful B.C. I've never seen any ranch, lodge or hotel in the world score as high in guest reviews as this gorgeous property.

Mercedes Benz Magazine

by AuthorAndrew Findlay
Title Rethink the Ranch
 I am midway through an epic massage in Baan Thai, a suite atop a two-storey structure ornamented with teak furnishings and bejewelled elephant figurines. Designed by Pinyo Suwankiri – one of Thailand’s most famous architects, whose stamp marks temples and royal sites throughout his country – the space invites luxuriant relaxation. My eyes close, the scent of massage oil hanging sweet in the air. When I reopen them 90 minutes later (I am now massaged to a supple pulp by the capable hands of Wanna Nuphan), it’s to the reality that I’m not actually in Thailand but at a nouveau dude ranch, deep in the heart of British Columbia’s cowboy country....

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Dream on...

by AuthorMarjorie Yue
Title UK Sunday Mirror
 Leaving Clinton, the highway eventually turned into a dirt track surrounded by forest which we bumped along barely seeing another soul – we were deep in cowboy country. We arrived at Echo Valley Ranch (evranch.com) just in time for a superb Thai dinner and some entertaining traditional Thai dancing. We were warmly welcomed by the owners of the “East meets West” five-star ranch, Norm (from England) and his wife Nan (from Thailand)....

Huffington Post Travel

by AuthorKathleen Squires
Title Top 10 Luxury Ranches around the World
 Echo Valley Ranch & Spa was recognized as one of the Top 10 Luxury Ranch destinations around the World.

Flare Magazine

by AuthorKat Tancock
Title How a Digital Detox Spa Helped Me Unplug
 I choose Echo Valley Ranch and Spa, two-and-a-half hours outside of Kamloops, B.C., which offers signal-free detox weekends that include communal meals for reconnecting with real humans, and rooms without TVs. The first evening, I’m joined for dinner by a few European couples. We chat, make eye contact and eat without taking a single photo of our food.

10 Venues for Corporate Retreats

by AuthorAmy Gordon
Title Echo Valley Ranch and Spa
 The secluded 21-room Echo Valley Ranch & Spa sits on 160 acres in British Columbia, surrounded by untouched wilderness. Groups can reserve part or all of the resort, which features 3,000 square feet of meeting space, two spas, and a private, paved landing strip. Farm-to-fork cuisine is served family-style, which helps create a community-oriented atmosphere.

Far East meets Wild West

by AuthorTreve Ring
Title Echo Valley Ranch and Spa
 It’s not what you’d expect as you come to the end of the dusty, 33-kilometre gravel road from Clinton, B.C. There, through the large wooden gates, past the stable of horses, organic vegetable gardens, and a pack of curious trilling turkeys appears a large, intricate wooden Thai building, designed by the same architect who designed for the Thai royal family. Your typical outback horse ranch, this is not.


by AuthorMarie Barbieri
Title Home on the Range
 All couples need a secret hideaway. I’ve found one. In the Cariboo region of the Coast Range, Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is cradled within fragrant pine forests overlooking the Marble Range. Our room, tucked within the Lookout Lodge, is dressed in Thai silk cushions, reclaimed maple and features a cathedral ceiling. In this family-run sanctuary, more a home than a hotel, luxury and serenity meld.

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