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Magic Is In The Air

Mt Benson Imagine... A place where bald eagles soar and the night sky is filled with too many stars to count. A place where afternoon naps on the sundeck give way to campfire stories at night. A place where complete relaxation is the most important task of your day. A place where losing yourself and finding each other comes naturally.

Welcome to Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, where you can experience nature, romance, and joy - together.

Heaven on Earth - Closer Than You Think

Nestled away in the Cariboo Mountains - only five hours from Vancouver and four hours from the Okanagan - in a setting that is equally breathtaking and pristine, a unique getaway awaits. The Echo Valley ranch family welcomes you to a little piece of heaven, where you can experience real relaxation, exhilarating adventure, soothing spa treatments, and the magic that brings it all together. Animal Magic

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa was never planned to be a hotel - it was a home first, and still is. It grew into the naturally luxurious oasis it is today, and you will feel a sense of calm, peace, and togetherness the minute you arrive. It’s a feeling you can’t experience anywhere else - the ancient connection between nature and mankind helps us achieve harmony of body and soul, and in Echo Valley, everything fits together perfectly. Buildings fitting perfectly into their surroundings, animals grazing contently, water from a mountain spring so clear it sparkles…

Make time for Magic

Magic can be found everywhere in Echo Valley… Watch the sun set over the Cariboo Mountains Shadows together, explore the trails around the ranch together, get pampered with a couples spa treatment in our signature Thai Spa - together. Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway - romance and joy come naturally in Echo Valley. Create new experiences together, and make magic and bliss a part of it!

To start planning your getaway to Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, you can browse our rate options, or simply contact our reservations expert Kerstin - she will be happy to help you plan! Of course you can also book online at your convenience.

See you in Echo Valley!

Green Tourism
World Boutique Hotel Awards 2016 Winner
Located in the interior mountains of beautiful British Columbia, just a few hours northeast of Vancouver
10635 Jesmond Road, Jesmond, BC, Canada V0K 1K0, 1-800 253-8831
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