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Unique Dining Experience

The Meals

Luxury dining family style

We believe in eating fresh and eating local. At Echo Valley, we grow and produce much of our own ingredients which are turned into a variety of healthy, farm fresh meals by our executive chef.

We grow an organic garden with a variety of fresh produce such as berries, mushrooms, vegetables and seasonal fruits. The herb garden is an aromatic pleasure to explore. We always encourage our guests to take a peek through the vegetables growing in the large root cellar and what we have fresh in our greenhouse. We also raise our own cattle, pigs, turkey and chickens. Our "100 meter diet" is something we are proud to share with our guests.

We eat all meals in family style dining giving the opportunity to interact and meet fellow guests and staff from all over the world.

The Meals

Breakfast and lunch are relaxed, help-yourself affairs from a selection of items laid out along the kitchen counter. Generally, our guests share their meal seated together around a large table, often joined by owners Norm and Nan. Dinner menus at the ranch resort are pre-set with a selection of choices usually tailored to the individual preferences of guests. Sometimes, our guests choose to savour their evening meal more intimately, as a couple or with a new group of friends - individual tables can be set accordingly.
Western BBQ

Western BBQ

Tuesday and Friday night summer barbecues are all about the flavours of the wild west: rosemary roasted lamb, slow-baked salmon, baked potatoes, barbecued beef, burgers and hot-dogs, and always a vegetarian option. The ranch's working cowboys find these nights hard to resist and around the open pit fire, s'mores are at the ready.

Stay to watch shooting stars cross the ebony-black skies; perhaps grab a blanket and head to the grassy verge at the end of the runway. Set a small distance away from the main buildings, it's a magical spot on any night for star-gazing, and never more so than when the camaraderie and wilderness of the west has been so much a part of your evening.

Eastern Thai Night

Eastern Thai Night

Thursday night's culinary showcase epitomizes Echo Valley's East-West harmony. This is when the ranch's Thai staff prepares superb Thai food, as authentic as you would find in Thailand's finest restaurants, and served with the gracious hospitality that is the hallmark of the Thai people. But this is only the beginning. The evening continues with traditional Thai dancing where everyone can get involved. The exotic pageantry, fun and friendships that these evenings engender is not to be missed. No other Canada ranch resort can compare.

Open Kitchen

One of the best seats in the house is at the kitchen counter. Our executive chef is always happy to provide you with cooking demonstrations, tips and techniques. You might even enjoy some preview tasters of dinner, though only enough to whet your appetite... never spoil it! Cooking lessons are offered upon request.

There is also the opportunity to explore the concepts of Eating Right for Your Blood Type - a healthful way of eating that promotes overall good health including good digestion, cholesterol counts, weight loss and more.

Ranch Kitchen

Food Gallery

Our chef will surprise you with a variety of fresh, healthy and delicious creations.

Tuna tataki Ossobuco Apple tarte tatin
Starter: Tuna tataki with pickled vegetables Entrée: Ossobuco with grilled vegetables Dessert: Apple tarte tatin
Coleslaw Grilled salmon Chocolate soufflé
Starter: Farm fresh Coleslaw Entrée: Grilled salmon with shiitake chutney Dessert: Chocolate soufflé


Here are a few of our most favourite ranch recipes, we invite you to try them out at home.

Our Signature BBQ Sauce Jason's famous Lemon Cheesecake
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