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Unique Location

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa sits on 160 beautiful acres, truly a little slice of heaven on this big slice of earth.

When we first came to the area we knew we had found something special, something magical. The feeling of serenity and connection to nature becomes tangible in Echo Valley and we think it has a lot to do with the beauty of the land and our unique location, touching on four distinct geographical regions - mountains, canyons, forests and grasslands.

Mount Bowman

The Mountain Ranges provide a dramatic backdrop to the Echo Valley landscape. The Marble Mountains are part of the range and fantastic views of the majestic peaks can be enjoyed from almost anywhere on the ranch. Mount Bowman, our signature mountain, offers spectacular vistas for guests who accomplish the exhilarating climb to the summit, which is at 7,280 ft altitude.

Fraser Canyon

At the foot of the Cariboo Mountains lies the Fraser Canyon, a fascinating landscape of grassy bench lands along the Fraser River, intersected by deeply trenched gorges. This region, touching Echo Valley to the south-west, is not only a unique legacy of glacial ages, but also offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of the Gold Rush. A 3,500 foot descent leads from boreal forests into the desert-like conditions of the canyon and it becomes clear that the brave souls navigating the river in search of gold in the 1850s were truly pioneers.

Forest Adventures

Bordering our ranch to the north-west is the boreal forest full of desert pines, bushy ferns and mossy tree stumps. A hike or trail ride through the valley bottoms under the forested canopy will leave you with a sense of wonder and awaken your adventurous side. There is a lot to explore and our Border Collies would love to join you on your forest adventures!

The Grasslands

Lakes, marshes, rolling hills and pastures - the grasslands around Echo Valley offer an abundance of opportunities to connect with nature, spend time in solitude and reconnect. Here you can cross creeks and waterways, often filled with spawning fish, or catch a glimpse of Marsh Wrens, Yellow Headed Blackbirds and Sandhill Cranes. The grasslands are also home to beautiful stands of aspens and a walk through the whispering trees is especially breathtaking in early fall.

Echo Valley's unique location is not only part of our magic, but also offers a wonderful opportunity for a huge variety of activities. Turn this natural paradise into your personal playground!

Green Tourism
World Boutique Hotel Awards 2016 Winner
Located in the interior mountains of beautiful British Columbia, just a few hours northeast of Vancouver
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