East meets West

East meets West at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

This Canadian Signature Experience represents our unique signature at Echo Valley. You can feel it and see it when you arrive - the balance of East and West and the celebration of both cultures are palpable through so many facets of life in our resort: it's the intercultural team that comes together to make your vacation experience memorable; it's the buildings which create an effortless transition between rustic Wild West log buildings and Eastern elegance and it's the Thai and Western spa treatments that work their magic for body and soul.

Come and visit us at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa and experience for yourself how Western Riding and Thai Massage can create a truly blissful feeling.

You don't have to choose - you can have it all: a Ranch and a Spa, a Home and a Hotel. For us and for you, for our Echo Valley family: we believe in only the best experiences. That's why we celebrate exhilaration and relaxation, people and nature.

Canadian Signature Experience We are very proud that our home is part of the select Canadian Signature Experiences. Echo Valley was one of the first members of this truly Canadian collection and our unmistakeable authenticity was the key factor for being chosen. It's part of the Echo Valley way - the appreciation of the cultural diversity in our world.

"Exceptional customer service, fantastic food, welcome quiet and a bucket load of activities. Wife really appreciated the spa and yoga options and quality."
Your Getaway Awaits.
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